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Paramount Homes brings to each neighborhood more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of Chicago real estate including development, building, brokerage, rental, re-hab, management and consulting. Since 1988, the success of Paramount Homes has been built from the 'point of purchase' through the value added service and post closing commitments. From the most intimate interior design consultation (included for every purchaser) to the challenge of big project design, construction fit and finish, the "hands-on" team at Paramount Homes stays with the buyer every step. Paramount Homes commitment to its buyers is at once effective, helpful, and informative and is extended to every price level and at every sale. Paramount Homes truly rises above the competition.

About Paramount Homes Developments

Just as Paramount Homes is keen to the needs of today's buyers, Paramount Homes is equally cognizant to meeting the needs and expectations of each neighborhood. "Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and neighbors and each is unique," says Paramount Homes founder and president, Bruce Fogelson. With 'in-fill' housing, you have to realize that the neighborhood, as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts... you have to attend to quality construction, value in the marketplace and integration of the project into the context of each neighborhood. Paramount Homes meets the challenge of blending homes and developments into an existing neighborhood and each instance brings solutions as unique as the neighborhoods themselves. It is this careful blend that makes buyers into neighbors each and every time. Likewise, it is this approach that has made Paramount Homes an award-winning developer for every project to date.

Our Builder Highlights

Builder and developer of custom, semi-custom single family homes, town homes, commercial, retail, and condominiums. Founding Member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago and Board member of the City of Chicago Chapter. Featured in the City of Chicago Parade of Homes 1992 and 1994. (1994 won Best New Chicago Development, Sun-Times) Over 18 years in all areas real estate, construction, development, building, brokerage, rental re-hab, management and consulting. Incorporated in 1988. (An Illinois Corporation)Worked with the City's largest home builders/developers, and third generation home builders with "hands-on" client service. Developing a full spectrum of moderate to "high-end" homes and condos with individual sales ranging from $155,000 to over 1 million.

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